We are a leading Canadian marine shipping company headquartered in St. Catharines, Ontario. We own and operate the largest fleet on the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Seaway.

Algoma’s domestic dry-bulk fleet consists of 18 Canadian carriers, serving diverse industrial sectors like iron, steel, aggregates, cement, salt, and agriculture. The product tankers fleet, with seven vessels in Canadian service and one international tanker in Canada, safely, reliably, and efficiently moves petroleum products.

Additionally, Algoma owns and operates ocean self-unloading dry-bulk vessels globally and holds 50% interests in joint ventures that own a diversified portfolio of dry and liquid bulk fleets. The international ocean self-unloaders segment comprises of eight vessels and is part of the world’s largest pool of self-unloaders. Our global short sea shipping segment focuses on niche marine transportation markets and operates cement carriers and mini-bulkers supporting agriculture, cement, construction, energy, and steel industries worldwide.



For employees, both existing and potential, we work to foster a supportive, rewarding environment in which they choose to grow and develop their career until retirement.
For investors and other capital providers, investing in Algoma offers a rewarding opportunity for sustained growth in the marine sector. With a strategic focus on fleet renewal, innovative designs, partnerships, and environmental sustainability, Algoma emerges as the top choice for investors seeking a forward-thinking and resilient investment in the maritime industry.
For vendors and our business partners, we want them to value the relationship they have with Algoma because working together builds strength.
For society, we provide sustainable, safe, secure and cost-effective transportation of essential goods North Americans depend on in everyday life.



We are honest, we are courageous, and we always strive to make the right choice.


We believe in our people, we care for our planet, and we work to ensure the prosperity of our stakeholders.


We are stronger together.


We take accountability for our actions, and we are empowered to initiate change.


We are committed in heart and mind, we are driven, and we are proud.