Kelly Humes is responsible for both the Technical Services and Purchasing teams at Algoma.  Kelly’s key focus lies with developing procurement strategies, providing asset management of the domestic fleet, driving special projects and participating in revenue generation strategies.

Kelly joined the Algoma team in 2007 as Manager, Tech Services.  Her journey with Algoma has taken her to Director of Technical Services in 2017 and subsequently adding the portfolio of purchasing in 2019. Kelly assumed the role of Assistant Vice-President, Technical and Purchasing in September, 2022.

Kelly graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Bachelor of Engineering, Naval Architecture degree and prior to joining Algoma spent 13 years in private marine consulting.  During her consulting years Kelly had the opportunity to work in many facets or the marine transportation marketplace including inspection, asset preservation, and project management.

63 Church Street, Suite 600
St. Catharines, Ontario,

+1 (905) 687-7888