The Corporation

Algoma is a leading Canadian shipping company, owning and operating the largest Canadian flag fleet of dry-bulk carriers and product tankers operating on the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Waterway.

Algoma operates 13 self-unloading dry-bulk carriers, eight gearless dry bulk carriers and six product tankers. The Company is a leader in dry-bulk and liquid bulk transportation focused on meeting the special needs of customers that ship products on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Waterway. Algoma’s dry-bulk fleet includes vessels of differing sizes and configurations, providing flexible shipping options for customers.

In 2011, Algoma began construction on the Algoma Equinox, the first ship in a new class of maximum Seaway-Size self-unloading and bulk carriers. By 2018, eleven of these new vessels are expected to join the Algoma fleet, including one vessel owned by G3 Canada Limited and managed by Algoma on their behalf.

Algoma owns a diversified ship repair and steel fabricating facility serving customers in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence regions of Canada. Operating under the name Algoma Ship Repair, the Company specializes in top-side ship repair and is skilled at assembling and deploying highly skilled technical teams during the short winter maintenance season for Great Lakes ship owners. During the navigation season, the Company can rapidly dispatch teams for emergency ship repair to ports through the Waterway and provides industrial services from its Port Colborne base.

Algoma also manages vessels on behalf of other shipowners and has interests in ocean dry-bulk and product tanker vessels operating in international markets. With interests in five ocean dry-bulk vessels operating internationally, the company provides transportation services to a broad range of customers located primarily in North America. The Company’s single international product tanker trades in both domestic and international markets.

In addition to its shipping businesses, Algoma owns and manages commercial real estate properties in Sault Ste. Marie and St. Catharines, Ontario. Algoma’s Sault Ste. Marie properties include a retail shopping mall, two office buildings, and a residential apartment building. These properties are all located on the waterfront in downtown Sault Ste. Marie.

Algoma’s properties in St. Catharines include office buildings and one commercial plaza.