Operating Principles


Algoma Central Corporation’s vision is growing our position as the carrier of choice for bulk commodities in the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence waterway to become a leader in short sea shipping globally.


Algoma Central Corporation’s values are:



Algoma Central Corporation is committed to maintaining our strategic focus on sustainability. This includes four main tenets: Operations Excellence, Environmental Responsibility,Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance.

The Sustainability Report prepared by Algoma Central Corporation describes our performance on a range of environmental and social responsibility indicators. We also report on our governance structure and economic performance.

Operations Excellence

Operations Excellence, which is a key focus of both our shipboard and shore side employees, is about quality performance and includes cost control, reduced incidents and minimized non-productive time, all intended to optimize the growth in shareholder value over the long-term. At Algoma, we believe that Operations Excellence is achievable through a focus on quality and safety: “Don’t Hurt – Don’t Spill – Don’t Damage”.

In other words, our businesses focus on quality management, the safety of employees and others on our vessels and visiting our locations, and maintenance of our assets to high operational standards. Examples of Operations Excellence as it is practiced can be found by following this link.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental leadership is one of the cornerstones of our strategic plan and we are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in new ships and technologies to achieve this goal. In 2011, the Corporation embarked on a new era in environmental leadership with the release of its Environmental Report, which discussed our environmental accomplishments, challenges and improvement initiatives. Algoma Central Corporation is committed to providing marine transportation services in a manner in which we have the lowest environmental impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility addresses employee health and welfare programs, worker safety practices and community involvement.

We continue to enhance our worker safety practices and programs, which have been instituted in all business segments, with the goal to achieve zero personal injury incidents throughout the Corporation. We are pleased that our Product Tanker segment achieved zero personal injury incidents in 2011, demonstrating the goal is attainable. This is a very significant accomplishment and all Product Tanker employees are commended and congratulated for this achievement. Our lost time injury frequency per 200,000 hours for all business units combined was reduced by 54 per cent over the last five years.

Corporate Governance

Governance responsibilities are addressed through clear and transparent Corporate Policies. All employees and directors affirmatively acknowledge the Code of Conduct Policy each year.