Launching a new era with the Equinox Class

July 2009

Design Team Formed

September 2009

Contract with Ship Designer, Delta Martin

February 2010

Worldwide RFQ Issued

October 2010

Import Duty Tariff Revoked

September 2010

Contract Signing Nantong Mingde Shipyard

December 2010

Contract becomes effective, Nantong Mingde Shipyard

April 2011

Algoma Purchases Upper Lakes Fleet

September 2011

Algoma Equinox steel cutting

May 2011

Algoma increases it's newbuild order from 4 to 6

April 2012

Keel – laying first vessel

December 2012

Launching first vessel

September 2013

Construction continues on the third Equinox Class vessel with the fabrication and installation of cargo bulkheads

October 2013

Algoma Equinox set sail from the Nantong Mingde Heavy Industries shipyard in Nantong, China on her way to Canada.

December 2013

Algoma Equinox arrives in Canada to join the dry-bulk domestic fleet servicing the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River and the Canadian East coast.

April 2013

The official naming ceremony of Algoma's first Equinox Class vessel took place at the Nantong Mingde shipyard in Nantong, Jiangsu, China on April 7, 2013.

September 2013

The Algoma Equinox passes sea trials with flying colours. Preparations are made for her maiden voyage across the Pacific to join the Algoma fleet.

November 2013

Following the Pacific crossing, Algoma Equinox begins to transit the Panama Canal.

December 2013

The Algoma Equinox departs Port Cartier, Quebec with her first cargo, marking her entrance to Algoma Central Corporation's new chapter in Canadian Great Lakes shipping.

March 2014

The shipyard works diligently on another Equinox Class vessel.

May 2014

The Algoma Harvester receives provisions, fuel and final inspections prior to her voyage home.

July 2014

The second Equinox Class vessel, Algoma Harvester loads her first cargo in Port Cartier, Quebec.

May 2014

The second Equinox Class vessel, Algoma Harvester, successfully completes her Sea Trials.

June 2014

With the hoisting of the Canadian flag, Algoma Harvester commences her delivery voyage to join her fleet in the Great Lakes.